Quality Never Compromised


Quality is something that a lot of brands talk about, however here at Stromberg we live and breathe it, we know the importance of getting everything right and not just the quality in the making of the garment, but the fabric we use, the quality of the thread to stitch the garment together, and the quality of the zips, buttons and accessories.


We start with the choice of fabric, we work with different mills (including a number of UK mills) to produce fabric that is tailored for golf. We source technical fabrics which are abrasion tested to cope with the rigors of wear. They are colour tested to make sure that they do not fade in sunlight and are also tested to ensure that they are the right weight and strength so that they do not rip.

All our fabrics are tested for the following and have to pass industry standards before they enter sale.

  • Dimensional Stability to Washing and Dry cleaning 

  • Colorfastness to Light, Crocking (Rubbing), Washing, Bleaching 

  • Physical tests - Strength, Abrasion, Pilling Resistance 

We have always tried to make the garment easy to look after, Stromberg have always brought technology to their product with the introduction of Teflon coating and Easycare back in the 1990's, we continue this trend with Non Iron Polyester fabrics and now the introduction of our 3-Ply technology in our Wintra trousers. This technology is designed by golfers for golfers, we test every product ourselves before we release a new product to market. It is this constant testing which makes Stromberg a leader and not a follower and ensures that we stay ahead of the competition.


We have been manufacturing garments since 1977 and understand the importance of quality throughout the manufacturing process. We ensure that we work with factories that have the most modern machinery and operate quality controls at all levels of their operation. Stromberg is all about attention to detail and our garments reflect this, an excellent example of this is check matching, all our check trouser legs line up with each other, this process takes more time and uses more fabric however we think it is important and is just one of the unique selling points that separates us from the competition.

Each of our trousers has between 54 and 59 individual processes and can take as long as 1 hours work to produce. Even things like stitch density are increased in the manufacturing of our garments, to ensure that the seams are stronger and can take the rigors of the golf swing.

Stromberg ensure that we use the best possible accessories; we use branded zippers and do not buy cheap alternatives which have a tendency to break. We also use branded waistbands and pocketing which are more robust and comfier than other cheaper alternatives, essentially we go to every length to ensure that our customers have the best possible quality.


All Stromberg’s products are designed by golfers for golfers and we have always prided ourselves on the fit of our trouser; we test all of our products personally and work hard on achieving a fit which is both comfortable yet modern. We add little touches like V-Hem’s which highlight how much we think about the design of the product relevant to the golfer, V-Hem’s ensure that the trouser sits better over the top of the golf shoe so that the trouser doesn’t bunch up and its these touches that let the golfer know that they have bought something that is golf specific.

Quality Control

All of the fabric is checked for defects and every trouser is inspected by hand at least twice to ensure that there are no defects. We constantly monitor the sizing and fit and would only put our name to product which passes our strict quality guidelines.